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President's Message

Dear Visitors,
I am trying to reach you through this website in which; we have tried to present a brief profile of our school. In 2011; we established Nirmal Foundation. My objective to start Nirmal Foundation’s School was to make quality education available to all; who are desirous of getting it. I also visualized that social transformation can be brought through dynamic & quality education. Nirmal Foundation thus is an institution of quality education with social commitment.

To choose the right school for your child/you is one of the most important decisions; you will make in your life. I am very happy; that you are considering Nirmal International CBSE School (NICS), as a place of learning and growth for your child. An empowered individual is one; who has the knowledge, skill, desire and opportunity to succeed. This is something, we understand. Each day at Nirmal International School is spent facilitating and providing our students the tools to succeed in life.

At Nirmal Foundation, we are trying to give best and up-to-date education and training to our students through our school; which are housed in beautiful building, situated in our spacious campus. The bewitching and tranquil surroundings here are very conducive for learning. Our faculty is motivated and student oriented & we have excellent academic and e-learning facilities. I hope; you will be one of those fortunate students; who would get an admission to our school and I am certain that your life will grow at our campus will be academically fruitful with bright career.

Today’s world is rapidly changing. Today’s children are digital natives, comfortable with interacting through digital interfaces that have transformed basic concepts of learning and education. At NICS, we’ve understood these facts and have implemented smart learning and experiential techniques in our school. Overall development of our students is something; we take very seriously. From sports, performing arts, curricular a study to leadership and international experience program; NICS inculcate values of all-round development within students. Arousing a child’s curiosity, providing stimulus, encouraging originality, developing self-confidence and creating a habit of success are characteristics; we continually assist our students with.

Lastly, I want to ensure that; the time you spend at Nirmal international CBSE School (NICS) is both a rewarding and an enjoyable experience. I invite you to read on, to learn more about the unique experience that is at Nirmal International CBSE School (NICS).

My best wishes with you always for your career!!!

Mrs.Vaishali N. Suryawanshi
Nirmal Foundation