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Student Transportation & Safety Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide safe transportation for students and to educate students on safety issues and the responsibilities of school bus ridership.


  • Riding the school bus is a privilege, not a right. The school Transport Committee will observe student’s behavior in all school buses.
  • Consequences for school bus/bus stop misconduct will be imposed by the school Transport Committee under adopted administrative discipline procedures. In addition, all school bus/bus stop misconduct will be reported to the school Transportation Safety Director. Serious misconduct may be reported to local law enforcement.

1. School Bus and Bus Stop Rules

The school Transport Committee will post school bus safety rules on every bus. If these rules are broken, the school Transport Committee’s discipline procedures are to be followed. In most circumstances, consequences are progressive and may include suspension of bus privileges. It is the school bus driver’s and bus attendant’s responsibility to report unacceptable behavior to the school district’s Transportation Office/School Office.

Rules at the Bus Stop

  • Get to your bus stop five minutes before your scheduled pick up time. The school bus driver will not wait for late students.
  • Respect the property of others while waiting at your bus stop.
  • Keep your arms, legs and belongings to yourself.
  • Use appropriate language.
  • Stay away from the street, road or highway when waiting for the bus. Wait until the bus stops before approaching the bus.
  • After getting off the bus, move away from the bus.
  • If you must cross the street, always cross in front of the bus where the driver can see you.
  • Wait for the driver to signal to you before crossing the street.
  • No fighting, harassment, intimidation or horseplay.
  • No use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

Rules on the Bus

  • Immediately follow the directions of the driver.
  • Sit in your seat facing forward.
  • Talk quietly and use appropriate language.
  • Keep all parts of your body inside the bus.
  • Keep your arms, legs, and belongings to yourself.
  • No fighting, harassment, intimidation or horseplay.
  • Do not throw any object.
  • No eating, drinking, or use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.
  • Do not bring any weapons or dangerous objects on the school bus.
  • Do not damage the school bus.

2. Items not Allowed on the Bus:

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Ammunition
  • Archery Equipment
  • Guns (loaded or unloaded)
  • Gas Cans (full or empty)
  • Lighters
  • Cigarettes
  • Drugs or Alcohol

3. Consequences

Consequences for school bus/bus stop misconduct will apply to all regular and late routes. Decisions regarding a student’s ability to ride the bus in connection with co-curricular and extracurricular events (for example, field trips or competitions) will be in the sole discretion of the School Transportation Committee . Parents or guardians will be notified of any suspension of bus privileges.

(1) Elementary (I to V)

  • 1st offense — warning.
  • 2nd offense — 3-school-day suspension from riding the bus.
  • 3rd offense — 5-school-day suspension from riding the bus.
  • 4th offense — 10-school-day suspension from riding the bus/meeting with parent/guardians.

Note-Further offenses — individually considered. Students may be suspended for longer periods of time, including the remainder of the school year.

(2) Secondary and Senior Secondary (VI to XII)

  • 1st offense — warning.
  • 2nd offense — 3-school-day suspension from riding the bus.
  • 3rd offense — 5-school-day suspension from riding the bus.
  • 4th offense — 10-school-day suspension from riding the bus/meeting with parent/guardians.
  • 5th offense — suspended from riding the bus for the remainder of the school year.

(3) Other Discipline

Based on the severity of a student’s conduct, more serious consequences may be imposed at any time. Depending on the nature of the offense, consequences such as suspension or expulsion from school also may result from school bus/bus stop misconduct.

(4) Vandalism/Bus Damage

Students damaging school buses will be responsible for the damages. Failure to pay such damages (or make arrangements to pay) within two weeks may result in the loss of bus privileges until damages are paid.

(5) Notice

School bus and bus stop rules and consequences for violations of these rules will be reviewed with students annually and copies of these rules will be made available to students. School bus rules are to be posted on each school bus.

(6) Criminal Conduct

In cases involving criminal conduct (for example, assault, weapons, drug possession, or vandalism), the appropriate school Transport Committee personnel and local law enforcement officials will be informed.


A. Parent and Guardian Notification

The school bus and bus stop rules will be provided to each family. Parents and guardians are asked to review the rules with their children.

B. Parent/Guardian Responsibilities for Transportation Safety:

Parents/Guardians are responsible to:
  • Become familiar with school transport rules policies, regulations and the principles of school bus safety; and thoroughly review them with their children;
  • Assist students in understanding safety rules and encourage them to abide by them;
  • Recognize their responsibilities for the actions of their students;
  • Support safe riding and walking practices, and recognize that students are responsible for their actions;
  • When appropriate, assist students in safely crossing local streets before boarding and after leaving the bus;
  • Support procedures for emergency evacuation, and procedures in emergencies as set up by the school district;
  • Respect the rights and privileges of others;
  • Communicate safety concerns to their school administrators;
  • Monitor bus stops, if possible;
  • Support all efforts to improve school bus safety;
  • Have their children to the bus stop five minutes before the bus arrives;
  • Have their children properly dressed for the weather.
  • Have a plan in case the bus is late.


The school bus driver will be held responsible and will be dismissed if…
  • Excessive speeding, involving any single offense for any speed of 15 miles per hour or more above the posted speed limit;
  • Reckless driving;
  • Improper or erratic traffic lane changes;
  • Following the vehicle ahead too closely;
  • A violation of state or local law, relating to motor vehicle traffic control, arising in connection with a fatal accident;
  • Driving a commercial vehicle without obtaining a commercial driver’s license or without having a commercial driver’s license in the driver’s possession.


  • All school vehicles are maintained in safe operating conditions through a systematic preventive maintenance and inspection program adopted or approved by the school Transport Committee.
  • All school vehicles are state inspected in accordance with legal requirements.
  • A copy of the current monthly pre-trip inspection report is carried in the bus. Monthly pre-trip inspections are maintained on file in accordance with the school Transport Committee record retention schedule. Prompt reports of defects are immediately corrected submitted.
  • Monthly post-trip inspections are performed to check for any children or lost items remaining on the bus and for vandalism.


The school board has established a “Student Transportation Safety Committee”. The chair of the Student Transportation Safety Committee is the school Administrative Officer. The school board has appointed the other members of the student transportation safety committee. Membership may include parents, school bus drivers or representatives of school bus companies.

Student Transportation Safety Committee

Student Transportation Safety Committee
Sr. No Name of the Member Designation
1 Mr. Santosh Patil Incharge Officer
2 Mr. Sunil Patil Sub-Incharge Officer
3 Mr. Pankaj Member
4 Mr. Bhushan Member
5 Mr. Gulab Member
6 Mr. Suhas Member
7 Mr. Ganesh More Member
8 Mr. Gopal Member
9 Mr. Hamid Member
10 Mrs. Namrata Member
11 Mrs. Prajakta Member
12 Mrs. Arunima Member
13 Mrs. Jagruti Member

Bus Routes & Driver Details (2017-18)

School Bus No. R. T. O. No. Driver Bus Attendant Areas Covered
1 MH-19 Y 5779 Mr. Pujari Asha Mahale Pachora - S.G. Garden, Rest House, Sukhkarta Provision, Adarsh Colony
2 MH-19 Y 5603 Subhash Patil Partibha Patil Pachora - Shreyash Hospital, Bildikar Plaza, Pandav Nagari
3 MH-19 Y 6398 Yogesh Rajput Satish Patil Pachora - Jaykisan Colony, Chintamani Colony, Vishvakarma Furniture
4 MH-19 Y 6193 Samadhan Birade Shobha Patil Pachora - Ring Road, Ganesh Colony, G. S. High School, MIDC, Market Committee, Sushil Dairy, Shreyash Hospital, Indira Nagar
5 MH-19 Y 6039 Satish Arjun Patil Sarita Pawar Pachora- Sai Park, Baliram Nagar, Vrundavan Park, Ashirwad Dreamcity,Bhavarlal Nagar,
6 MH-19 Y 5878 Manoj Gaikwad Devika Ahire Pachora - Aai Hospital, Kalika Nagar, Talathi Colony, Radha Swami Nagar
7 MH-19 Y 6040 Samadhan Gaikwad Samadhan Patil Pachora - Athawade Bazar, Panchmukhi Hanuman,Ulhas Talkies, Supadu Bahadu School, Adarsh Krushi Kendra, Nagar Palika, Shivaji Chowk, Jay Bhavani Kirana, Bus Stand, Kotakar Stop
8 MH-19 Y 6392 Sandip Rajput Dipali A. Patil Pachora- Pungaon Road, Ashirwad Cottage , Balaji Tower, Thakre Nagar, Sai Provision
9 MH-19 Y 5776 Mr. Rajendra Pawar Mahesh Chaudhary Bhadgaon- Maruti Mandir G. Road, Adarsh Colony, Om Shanti, Pushpadeep Marble, Sai Bajaj, Samarth Auto Mobile, Yevale Petrol Pump
10 MH-19 Y 5876 Dilip Patil Chaya Rajput Bhadgaon - Maruti Mandir, Chintamani Hospital, Govt. Hospital, Bambrud
11 MH-19 Y 5879 Nivrutti Mali Vaishali Pujari Bhadgaon - R and D,Girls School, Shiv Colony, Ekvira Nagar, Datta Nagar
12 MH-19 CY 0053 Ganesh Patil Nitin Dhangar Nagardevala- Police Station, Nipane Chowk, M.P. Chowk, Ganpati Darwaja, Railway Station, Vadgaon, Balad, Nachakheda,Lohtar, Anturli
13 MH-19 Y 5793 N. H. Shaikh Nilima Shirude Nagardevala - Wani Gali, Mahadev Mandir, Ganpati Darwaja, Kalika Mata Mandir, Bhadgaon Darwaja, Chinchale, Galan, Tarkheda
14 MH-19 Y 5875 Deepak Shinde Malti Wani Pimpalgaon, Pimpri, Chinchpure
15 MH-19 Y 6038 Dhyaneshwar Arun B. Patil Lasure, Savkheda, Bhoje, Rajori, Sindhad, Wadi, Shewade, Sindhi Colony
16 MH-19 Y 5942 Nitesh Nikam Neha Thakur Shendurni, Malkheda, Varkhedi
17 MH-19 Y 5938 Suresh D. Nikam Sonali N. Patil Gondegaon, Khadakdevla, Jargaon
18 MH-19 Y 6190 Anna Chaudhari ---- Kurhad, Sangavi, Sajgaon, Pahan, Veruli, Goradkheda
19   Satish Mali ---- Lohtar
20 MH-19 Y 6334 Sunil Patil Ujwala patil Pachora - Laxmi Park, Bhaskar Nagar, Kavita Garden
21 MH-19 Y 6344 Jalamsing Patil ---- Pachora - Wagh Dairy, Gandhi Chowk, Lokmat Office, Hind Oil Mill, Sanghavi Krushi Kendra, Deshmukh Wadi, Gajanan Hospital
22 MH-19 Y 5939 Nitin Bagul Vaishali Dinkar Bhadgaon - Peth, Navnath Mandir, Nidan Hospital, Gajanan Petrol Pump, Girls School, D.Ed. College, Supriya Dairy, Shetki Sangh
23 MH-19 Y 5768 Shaikh Sharif Ratna N. Wagh Sindhi Colony, Jalgaon Naka, Bharat Dairy, Essar Pump,Hindustan Tayer
24 MH-19 CY 0052 Narayan Jadhav Vaishali D. Patil Sindhi Colony, Lakshmi Garage, Vijay Motors, Kaila Devi
25   Satish S. Patil   Anturli
26 MH-19 Y 0674 Supdu Sawant Shital Patil Pachora - Durga Nagar, Kavita Garden